Edelweiss Products


At Edelweiss Auto we strive to provide the best parts at the best price and quality , we utilize mainly OEM when servicing your state of the art vechile but we can also provide you with alternitive parts  if your looking to save money. We have lots of good quality used and new parts in stock and have acsess to many more parts he locally and abroad.

Whether your looking for a oil filter so that you can change your own oil or performance tuning packages and custom exterior accessorys we will be sure to help you out.

Most of our parts are available the same day and we typically sell to our customers at less than retail costs. 

We are aware that prices from online retailers and places like Ebay are really alot cheaper , we cannot compete with all  these places but we can provide youfriendly service , fast delivery, good availability and no hastle warrenty returns as well as a real person to help you determine what your paticular needs are.

Here is a couple links to some of our main suppliers your welcome to have a look at the parts catalog and see if they have what your looking for. We have alot more contacts and suppliers if you do not find what your looking for so  send an email  , make sure to provide as much info as possible , such as VIN year make model , engine size and wheter it is automatic or standard plus any options that the car has that your aware of ( eg. ABS  vs non ABS ).MECHANICAL

MOSTLY MECHANICAL  :http://altrom.com/cgi-bin/altmake.sh

BODY PARTS : http://www.apt-autoparts.com/catalogue.html We can get you better pricing than advertised .