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What will I get with a Mercedes-Benz service?


You can rest assured that all Mercedes-Benz Official Workshops will perform the full ‘A’ or ‘B’ service, in line with the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. You can be sure that we will only change parts that are scheduled for replacement, and we will provide written confirmation of the work that has been done.

This means that you can be sure no corners have been cut, and your Mercedes-Benz will receive the exact service that the manufacturer’s guidelines stipulate to keep your car running as good as new. Other benefits include:


Total convenience


We have a range of options to fit around your needs: whether you prefer to drop your keys off and leave your Mercedes-Benz with us; you wish to have it collected from you and then delivered back to you once the work has been carried out; or alternatively, wait in the lounge area.

Competitive pricing


Our Fixed Price Repairs and Fixed Price Servicing mean you will know how much things will cost before the service is undertaken.


Fuel economy


Keeping your car regularly serviced could make your car’s fuel last longer, reduce your running costs, as well as add value to your Mercedes-Benz.

Keeping your vehicle performing at its best


When taking your vehicle to a Mercedes-Benz Official Workshop for Servicing, the emphasis will be on fundamental, technically essential maintenance work, as well as excellent customer service. You will receive a cost-effective way of keeping your vehicle performing at its best, with the safety reassurances you have come to recognise as a trademark of Mercedes-Benz.

No matter which service is due, our up-to-date trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, helping your Mercedes-Benz to run as safely and as reliably as it did the very first day you got it. At a Mercedes-Benz Official Workshop, your vehicle is in the best of hands, our servicing experience and expertise has been developed with over 100 years of vehicle construction.

Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars produced before 1997 were on scheduled services of between 6,000 and 9,000 miles. As of 1997, new vehicles were fitted with the Active Service System (known as ASSYST), which has been developed up to the current day. On vehicles fitted with the ASSYST system, the basic service is carried out and additional items such as spark plugs, fuel filter and air filters are changed depending on age or mileage. When these additional items are replaced, they are invoiced separately.

If your car was manufactured in January 2004 and onwards, your Roadside Assistance cover gets automatically renewed every time you have a manufacturer-recommended service carried out at a Mercedes-Benz Official Workshop. This means you will be entitled to up to 30 years Roadside Assistance in the event of a mechanical or electrical defect.

To find out the next service due on your Mercedes-Benz please click below to open the ESS (Electronic Service Sheet).

Service ASSYST 1997-2003

Many Mercedes-Benz Passenger cars are equipped with Service ASSYST. This is a variable service schedule alternating from A to B service – A being a small, routine service and B being a larger routine service. A service indicator will appear on your display approximately one month or 600 miles before a service is due. Services are normally due between 9,000 and 18,500 miles or between 12 to 24 months, depending on driving style.

Service AYSSYST PLUS 2003 -2007

The majority of models produced between 2003 and 2007 were equipped with Service ASSYST PLUS. This is also a variable service schedule alternating from A to H service, with the letters indicating how much time and work will be expected to be conducted. A indicates a routine service and H would indicate a more in-depth service

Service ASSYST Fixed Intervals 2007- Onwards

Many models produced from 2007 have fixed service intervals. Services alternate from A to B and occur every 15,500miles or after one year, whichever comes sooner. These fixed service intervals make it easier for you to plan your servicing around your schedule, making it less likely for you to miss a service.

For more information on the service display, please see your Owner’s Manual –Operation/Service section