Preserving The Future


The main reason for using waterborne car paint is our health.  Very simply, it’s better for the environment of our community, and it’s better for the workers in our shops.  Those powerful virtues of waterborne also come with changes in shop operation and economics that you cannot afford to ignore.


Preserving Our Future
Partnered with PPG Industries (world leaders in automotive finishes), Edelweiss Auto Collision
Center efforts to go green stem from a proactive effort to create a safer environment for our community and workplace.

With lower solvents, the new waterborne re-finishing paints will help reduce pollutants and waste, all with high performance finishing results! The Envirobase high-performance paint system is the same technology used by major North American and Northern European car manufacturers.

About Envirobase High-Performance Automotive Refinish Coatings

  • Reduces volatile emissions by up to 80%
  • Improves air quality for the work environment and community
  • Reduces hazardous waste
  • Aligns closely with original manufacturer waterborne paint technology for superb color match

Any Color As Long as It’s Green!
Other areas where Edelweiss Auto is practicing green standards:

  • Low VOC (solvent) Envirobase high-performance products (paint & material)
  • Cardboard boxes are recycled
  • HLVP (high-volume low-pressure) spray guns: better for the environment
  • Paint gun washers: reduced the amount of solvent used in clean paint guns by 80%
  • Computerized paint mixing system designed to color match and mix the proper quantity of paint for the repair, limiting product waste
  • Spray booth: VOC (volatile organic compound) is filtered resulting in cleaner air
  • Recycle freon from all vehicle a/c units

As always, Edelweiss Auto stands by its work and guarantees a lifetime warranty on all paint work.