Vandalism Claims


A vandalism claim is covered under Comprehensive insurance.  A deductible will be applied to your claim, and a police report is required. Once you report to Dial-a-Claim, you will be directed to either an ICBC claim centre where you will meet an adjuster. Or if the adjuster just gives you a claim number take your vehicle to Edelweiss Auto where they can answer any questions regarding your claim and handle your estimate and car rentals.

If you purchased ICBC Comprehensive insurance, you have coverage for vandalism and malicious mischief. Comprehensive insurance from ICBC covers

  • Window smashed.
  • Car keyed.
  • Door kicked in or dented.

What’s the process?

Here is the process you can expect to go through for a vandalism claim:

  1. Customer calll local police to make a report.
  2. Dial ICBC Dial-a-Claim (604) 520-8222, outside of BC (1800) 910-4222.  The adjustor will let you know if you need to go to the claim centre or just take it Edelweiss Auto.
  3. Take it to Edelweiss Auto where an estimator will write up an estimate and notes on the damages on your vehicle.
  4. Estimator sends the estimate to ICBC to get approved.
  5. If approved Edelweiss Auto will initiate repairs and keep you updated on the repairs.
  6. Repairs are finished, pick up vehicle and pays for deductible.